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We are a family-owned and operated roof repair company. We focus on providing premium grade, sustainable, and appealing roofings in the community through our expert services. Leave it to our roof repair Barrington to restore your roofing into its strong and beautiful state. For your roof installation Barrington needs, we are here to take the work from your hands. Lighten your load by entrusting the roof replacement to us.

Our company takes pride in our seasoned roofing contractors Barrington who work on each project with complete mastery and precision. We aim to perform the services in a detailed manner to fully satisfy clients that continue to trust in our skills. As a team, we strive to provide an exemplary practice in communicating with clients to achieve the service according to their unique desires.

We can also assist you with your insurance claim and make the service as flawless as possible. We envision well-protected, properly secured, and skillfully sealed property roofs, which are achieved with our professional roof installation, roof replacement, and leaking roof repair Barrington services. 

With our professional services, we hope to bring convenience, security, and comfort right at your doorsteps. Enjoy our affordable roofing in premium quality. Contact us!

Quick and Efficient

On the day of the scheduled work, expect us to work efficiently for the timely completion of the project. Rest assured we perform each roof installation, repair, or replacement skillfully.

Free Estimates

We provide detailed free estimates for the service you want to avail, so you can get a full disclosure regarding the rates. With our company, there are no hidden charges.

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Ridged Roofing Companies - Leave Your Roof Repair To The Professionals.


Affordable Roofing Barrington

No need to be constrained by your budget to afford our roofing services. Our company offers affordable roofing in Barrington that all residents can enjoy.

Roof Replacement Barrington

Schedule your next roof replacement with us and we will give you roofing the best material possible. For professional roof upgrades, consider hiring our company.

Roof Installation Barrington

We perform roof installation in Barrington flawlessly. With us, you can expect no repeated work! We ensure a safe and well-protected property with our roofing.

Roof Repair Barrington

Before the damage worsens, we will provide the right roof repair Barrington for your home or commercial property needs. We work efficiently for your utmost satisfaction.

Leaking Roof Repair Barrington

In the event of roof leakage inside your property, trust our roofing contractors Barrington to give your roof a proper seal. Call us immediately.

Insurance Claims Barrington

Our insurance claims are applicable for any roof repair and roof replacement. Qualified homeowners are recommended to consult us before availing of our roofing services.

Tile Shingles Barrington

Our tile shingles suggest a Mediterranean vibe that is perfect for Egyptian-inspired residential and commercial structures in Barrington. Consult us for our professional creative input.

Asphalt Shingles Barrington

Our asphalt shingles boast of a long lifespan and robust composition against extreme weather conditions within affordable roofing. For roof installation or replacement, contact us.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Roofing Contractors Barrington

Years of Experience

Over the years, we have gained vast experience and wide knowledge in executing roof replacement, installation, and repair in the most flawless method possible. Considering this, we know how to do things with great expertise.

Fully Insured and Bonded Roofing Contractors

Our company’s roofing contractors Barrington are fully bonded and insured to perform services professionally and legitimately. In case of unfortunate events during the work, we will cover the costs for your peace of mind.

Limited Labor Roof Warranty

Our company provides a limited labor roof warranty for all roof installation and roof repair services performed in Barrington. The material manufacturer warranties are included as well. For warranty concerns, feel free to contact us.


The way this team handled the work was beyond satisfactory. They executed great professionalism from the consultation stage to the final touches. They provided everything we discussed. We are highly pleased!

Andrew Cox

I’m not one to easily trust roofing companies around Barrington as I’ve had many bad experiences before. But this company stood out. I appreciated their affordable roofing the most. They really consider what homeowners can and can’t afford, and that really counts for something.

Tommy Gray

On the spot, this company was able to deliver our specific requests. We asked for rush service just in time for a community gathering in our home, and they obliged. I trust no other roof repair company Barrington but them!

Frederick Fisher

It was disturbing to see the flashing on our chimney and we were worried it might worsen. We called up this company and they scheduled for an inspection on the soonest date possible. They knew exactly what to do even with our minimal supervision. They looked through everything without fail and fixed everything in one go. Impressive work!

Jack Shaw

After much inquiry around Barrington, we settled with this company and it was the best decision we made as a newly married couple. We’re very happy with their services, considering this is our first time availing of a leaking roof repair in Barrington. Great job!

Ben Roberts


Roofing Contractors Barrington Advantages Over Competition

Our company provides superior roof installation, repair, and other services in Barrington. Our tools and materials are high-quality while our skills are top-notch. Our roster of roofing contractors Barrington based has an impressive set of skills and knowledge that can change the way you perceive roofing services. Whether your property requires a roof replacement or roof repair, we aim to deliver the work expertly. As a company that embraces innovation, we pride ourselves on our affordable roofing Barrington. It is a difficult product to beat in the market, considering the significant prices other companies charge for their services. Our greatest dream is to provide every property in the local suburbs with quality roofing that protects and secures in the most affordable way possible.


The Biggest Reasons You Should Hire Experienced Roofing Contractors Barrington

It is common for homeowners to not complete nearly enough due diligence when checking roofing companies Barrington. Ridged Roofing has the roofing contractors you need, as we recommend only working with the most trusted and recognized roofing companies Barrington.

Safety is Crucial

Working safely minimizes preventable calamities. As professional roofing contractors Barrington, we are always on top of safety issues so our contractors and you can feel comfortable about the work.   

The Best Quality Products

Our roofing contractors Barrington only source the absolute best materials for an excellent quality job, so you get the roof you expect and one that is durable.     


A roof repair Barrington is not always the most cost-effective option. A new roofer may give you a lower price but an inferior job that later requires attention. But experienced roofing contractors can do the work right the first time, saving you more money in the long run on roof replacement or leaking roof repair Barrington.      

Unequaled Skills

The proper experience adds to the already skillful roofing contractors we have to provide a great job. Using only the latest in tools and practices, we provide the outstanding skills that any roof installation or leaking roof repair Barrington needs.

Recognized for Service and Excellence

Our roofing contractors Barrington work fast and are very organized, so you end up with the durable roof delivered on time, as promised. However, a novice roofer can have you feeling frustrated by how long it may take to finish the work.