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With years of experience in the industry, you can trust Ridged Roofing Company to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to perform various roofing tasks like leaking roof repair and roof replacement. As a family-owned and operated business, we understand the need for high-quality roofing for homes and businesses, which is why we hire the best roofing contractors Gurnee to attend to your roofing needs, including affordable roof installations.


As a part of our mission in being a preferred company among Ridged Roofing Company takes care of clients’ insurance claims to things convenient for you. On top of affordable roofing in Gurnee, having us do your solar panel installation will surely give you a roof that stays in great condition for a long time. Ridged Roofing Company is fully licensed and bonded in the state of Illinois under the IL Roofing License #104.014762.

Quick and Efficient

Our expert roofing contractors in Gurnee respond to roofing tasks efficiently while meeting your proposed budget.

Free Estimates

Enjoy our affordable roofing services with a free estimate to help you allocate your budget according to your roofing needs.

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Our Roofing Contractors Gurnee Proudly Serve:

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Ridged Roofing Companies - Leave Your Roof Repair To The Professionals.


Affordable Roofing Gurnee

Quality roofing doesn’t always have to be expensive, especially if it’s done by Ridged Roofing Company. We provide the most affordable roofing services Gurnee.

Roof Replacement Gurnee

It’s hard to beat roofing replacement work done by our expert roofing contractors Gurnee. We aim for precision and efficiency every time.

Roof Installation Gurnee

Leave it to our professional team of expert roofing contractors Gurnee to do the roof installation for you for your convenience and safety under your home or office.

Roof Repair Gurnee

For any sign of roof issues, contact our team of roofing contractors immediately to check the possibility of a roof repair as needed.

Leaking Roof Repair Gurnee

Let Ridged Roofing Company take care of your roof with a quick leaking roof repair. We are just one call away from having great roofing!

Insurance Claims Gurnee

Trust us to handle your insurance claim so you can enjoy the full benefits you deserve from a damaged roof repair.

Tile Shingles Gurnee

On top of our standard affordable roofing services, Ridged Roofing Company also makes Gurnee homes more beautiful by offering tile shingles.

Asphalt Shingles Gurnee

If you want asphalt shingles for your home, contact our expert roofing contractors to get the right type of shingles you need and enjoy a quality installation.

The Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Roofing Contractors Gurnee

Years of Experience

It’s hard to beat years of knowledge and skills when it comes to quality roofing. Thus Ridged Roofing Company hires the most brilliant roofing contractors Gurnee to serve you any roofing service you may need.

Fully Insured and Bonded Roofing Companies

Trust your roofing to be in the best condition it can be with our roofing contractors’ expertise in various tasks including leaky roof repair, roof replacement, and roof installation.

Limited Labor Roof Warranty

We provide limited labor roof warranty including material manufacturer warranties to guarantee proper roof installation and roof repairs.


Our Roof Installation Gurnee & Roof Repair Gurnee Projects

Advantages of Our Roof Installation Gurnee

the roof replacement on the house

When you call on Ridged Roofing over the other roofing companies Gurnee, you are counting on the exceptional expertise of our amazing roofing contractors. Gurnee has benefited from our professional experience and dedication for a very long time.

For all that your roof requires, whether it’s a roof repair Gurnee or a roof replacement nearby, we are the ones to call. And with our incredible affordable roofing in Gurnee, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll fit right into your budget to give you the best roofing and the most reliable leaking roof repair Gurnee will find. 

Reasons Why You Should Hire Experienced Professional Roofing Contractors Gurnee

Usually, homeowners don’t do nearly enough of a check into roofing companies Gurnee. Ridged Roofing has the roofing contractors you need who recommend you deal with only the most trusted roofing companies Gurnee.

Safety is a Priority

A safe workplace effectively minimizes preventable mishaps. As professional roofing contractors Gurnee, we always work safely for peace of mind for our contractors and for the homeowners.  

The Best Quality Materials

Our roofing contractors Gurnee source only the finest materials for a quality job, giving you the roof you expect and one that will last.    


The most cost-effective solution is not always to get a roof repair Gurnee. A new roofer might offer a lower initial cost, but a poor job can lead to more expenses. Experienced roofing contractors can do an outstanding job on your roof replacement or leaking roof repair Gurnee, giving you a low-cost, high-quality job that will not end up costing you more later.     

Unparalleled Skills

The right type of experience adds the existing array of skills that our roofing contractors can offer for a job well done. Using only the most modern tools and practices, we bring you the amazing skills needed to perform for your roof installation and leaking roof repair Gurnee.

Top-Rated Service and Exceptional Performance

Our roofing contractors Gurnee are quick and efficient, for a durable roof completed on time for your home. Meanwhile, a novice roofer can prolong the job and leave you frustrated.

Get Ready For Your Roof Installation

If your new roof installation is coming and you don’t know where to start, at Ridged Roofing we share with you tips from the top roofing contractors Gurnee market offers. 

Clear The Area Surrounding Your Roof
Any roof replacement Gurnee homes have to endure is a big source of debris and garbage. You might have hired organized contractors who get rid of it as they go, but to achieve that they’re going to need plenty of space to maneuver and to move freely around your property. 
Remove Or Cover Objects In The Attic
That roof repair Gurnee residents need might come with some trouble. Dust and other particles can infiltrate into your attic and stick to your stored items. Protect them by covering them with plastic or fabric sheets, or move them to your attic while the work is in progress. 
Mow The Lawn
Professionals from the best roofing companies Gurnee has, take their time to dispose of all residue and garbage on your grounds once their job is finished. Some items like stray nails can be missed in a messy yard, so you might want to keep your lawn short and decluttered.