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As a family business, Ridged Roofing Contractors operates more than just a simple roof repair company near Waukegan. Our expert roofing contractors go beyond replacements and repairs, showcasing years of knowledge and experience in the industry, notwithstanding attention to detail for full client satisfaction. 


At Ridged Roofing, we offer affordable roofing for residents of Waukegan so you can ensure high-quality roof installation that fits your budget. 


We also take care of your insurance claim so you have one less thing to worry about. To make sure your roof stays in perfect condition, we have got the solar panel installation covered for your convenience and peace of mind.


Ridged Roofing Contractors is fully licensed and bonded in the state of Illinois under IL Roofing License #104.014762.

Quick and Efficient

Our roofing contracts work with urgency to deliver you prompt and effective roofing repair solutions.

Free Estimates

We offer free estimates on roof repair, roof replacement, and roof installation. Contact us today to get started.

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Ridged Roofing Companies - Leave Your Roof Repair To The Professionals.


Affordable Roofing Near Waukegan

We offer low-cost roof repair services that meet your standards and budget.

Roof Replacement Near Waukegan

Our team of roof contractors will take care of your roof replacement needs whenever you need it.

Roof Installation Near Waukegan

Leave it to Ridged Roofing Contractors to do an excellent roof installation on your new home. Rest assured we work with precision to keep your house well covered, safe, and dry.

Roof Repair Near Waukegan

At a time when you need urgent roof repair, we can deliver your needs promptly. All it takes is one call and we will be there at your footsteps.

Leaking Roof Repair Near Waukegan

A leaking roof is not a good sight for any home. Let our expert roofing contractors Waukegan take care of it for you with years of experience in the field.

Insurance Claims Near Waukegan

Enjoy the benefits from your insurance claims when you get your damaged roof repaired by the professional roof repair company Waukegan.

Tile Shingles Near Waukegan

Leave it to our roofing contractors to spruce up your roof with shingle tiles for that Mediterranean look.

Asphalt Shingles Near Waukegan

Looking into getting asphalt shingles on your roof? Our top-notch roofing contractors in Waukegan can help you with that. Call us to get started.

The Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Roofing Contractors Near Waukegan

Years of Experience

We understand that homeowners want the best for their homes, which is why we at Ridged Roofing Contractors only hire the best roofing contractors near Waukegan to provide you unmatched services with all your roof repair needs.

Fully Insured and Bonded Roofing Companies

Know that you are in good hands with our roofing contractors with their complete certifications. This enables them to take care of your roofing needs including roof repair near Waukegan, roof installation, and roof replacement, equipped with the expertise they need.

Limited Labor Roof Warranty

Our limited labor warranty covers material manufacturer warranties to guarantee roof installation or roof repair services.




the roof replacement on the house

Getting Ridged Roofing to work on your roof over other roofing companies near Waukegan, you can expect our superior expertise by the best roofing contractors. Waukegan has benefited from our experience and our tremendous attention to small details. 

Anything you need for your roof, from a full roof replacement to a professional roof repair near Waukegan, Ridged Roofing is the place to call. And with our extremely affordable roofing in Waukegan, you can trust that your roofing fits well into your budget, for quality roofing and the trusted leaking roof repair in Waukegan that you want.  


Step 1: Call Us or Send a Quote Request

As you’re reaching out to roofing companies near Waukegan, call us or send us an online inquiry. We will answer all your questions about our affordable roofing in Waukegan and give you all the information you need. 

Step 2: Accept Quotation

When you’re ready, we’ll provide you with a quote that outlines all the information necessary to make the right choice about your roof replacement near Waukegan. Every detail will be clearly displayed to help you make a wise decision.

Step 3: Choose the Right Design and Material for Your Roof

If you’re not sure what you need, our roofing contractors near Waukegan can offer excellent advice, taking into account your style of roof, your budget, and the look you want. The roofing material you choose is important and we’ll help.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Roof

Let our roofing contractors near Waukegan give you the professional roof installation you need. We’ll make sure you avoid any unnecessary leaking roof repair in Waukegan with a solid roof installation completed by our experts in roof replacement.


Many homeowners make the mistake of forgoing the right research on roofing companies Waukegan. Ridged Roofing has expert roofing contractors who encourage you to only deal with the most respectable, trusted, and experienced roofing companies near Waukegan.

Workplace Safety

A safe construction zone helps to eliminate unnecessary hazards. As professional roofing contractors near Waukegan, we ensure a safe environment for our team and for you.

Top-Quality Supplies

Our expert roofing contractors near Waukegan know how to differentiate quality materials from inferior ones and we work with excellent quality products.


Homeowners tend to assume that the cheapest option is a roof repair near Waukegan. While an amateur roofer can cause more harm than good, an experienced roofing contractor can offer the right roof repair or replacement for less.  

High-End Skills

Through years of experience, we have been devoted to expanding and improving our roofing skills. With the proper tools and the latest techniques, we offer spectacular installations and roof repairs Waukegan.

Outstanding Service and Execution

Our professional roofing contractors near Waukegan work quickly and efficiently to produce a solid roof on time for your convenience. A novice roofer may extend your completion date.