5 Steps Of The Roof Replacement Process

Whether your roof is leaking, or missing tiles, there are 5 steps involved in repairing or replacing a roof. Different contractors will have different processes, but even so, they will include these 5 general steps.

1. Assessment 

During this step, the contractors will inspect your roof and determine what work needs to be done, whether roof repair or a full roof replacement. 

2. Design and Material Meeting

At this point, you will meet with the roof repair company and discuss what materials you want to use and also what design you want for your roof.

3. Contract Draft

A contract will be drafted including all the information that has been discussed so far and will outline the details and scope of the project. You will have a chance to look over the draft and make any changes.

4. Signing the Contract

When the contract has been checked and you are happy with the terms set out, you and the contractor will sign.

5. Work begins.

The physical work begins.

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